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Comprehensive Biological Services Strategically Located at One State- of-the-Art Facility: Drug Testing, Pain Management of Medications, Biological Monitoring, Medical Surveillance, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Forensic Toxicology, and Pharmacogenetics Testing .

With seven specialized laboratories situated within one facility, Pacific Toxicology Laboratories features a unique ability to provide integrated biological testing services. Our clients include corporations, medical and occupational health clinics, academic and government researchers, district and defense attorneys, and physicians and other health professionals.

Pacific Toxicology Laboratories
9348 De Soto Avenue
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Toll Free Phone: 800-328-6942
FAX: 818-598-3116

Sales Contact
Name Title Phone
Rana Ostadrahimi Vice President of Sales and Marketing 877-722-8691 rostadrahimi@pactox.com

General Info: rostadrahimi@pactox.com
Client Services: cflores@pactox.com