COVID-19 Business Testing

Comprehensive COVID-19 testing services for businesses and educational institutions

Pacific Toxicology Laboratories, known as PacTox, is a leading toxicology laboratory offering comprehensive testing services. PacTox provides tailored COVID-19 testing solutions for small businesses and educational institutions.

PacTox is a reliable partner for businesses and schools, delivering swift and accurate results when one or more employees test positive. We offer quick turnaround times without compromising precision.

What sets PacTox apart is our adaptability to the unique testing demands of businesses and schools . Whether it's mass testing initiatives or responding to outbreaks, PacTox provides reliable COVID-19 testing solutions to curb the spread of the virus.

With personalized service and a commitment to meeting client needs, Pacific Toxicology Laboratories, or PacTox, is a trusted ally in health and safety. Businesses and educational institutions can rely on PacTox for efficient, accurate, and timely testing services.

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