Meet The Team

Sue Barbosa, MS, CLS, MT(ASCP)

Chief Executive Officer

Sue Barbosa is the Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Toxicology Laboratories. Her degrees include a bachelor's in Medical Technology and an MS in Information Systems Management. She is also a certified CLS. Sue began her career as a Laboratory Manager in a hospital laboratory before taking on various management positions for laboratory software companies. Sue has managed cross-functional teams in laboratory operations as well as IT. Sue embodies a lifetime of dedication in the laboratory, and she employs her wide range of expertise to further the growth and technical advancement of Pactox.

Rana Ofavezi, MBA, MSF, ChemE

VP Marketing and Compliance

Rana Ostadrahimi is Vice President of Marketing and Compliance. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a master's degree in Business Administration and Finance. She joined PacTox in 2011 and is responsible for sales strategy and overall management of the sales force. She has a decade of international experience with all aspects of sales and marketing in the chemical industry. Rana will focus on PacTox’s continuous growth and developing strategies to meet PacTox’s clients satisfaction.

Maria Hosseini
M.SC Analytical Chemist, Forensic Alcohol Analyst

Lab Operations / QA Manager

Since 2014, Maria has been instrumental at PacTox, ensuring CAP compliance, leading in forensic analysis, and driving innovation for quality and safety.

Jeff Maier

Laboratory Manager

Jeffrey Maier, Director of Toxicology Services at PacTox since 1997, oversees SAMHSA and CAP programs. His expertise in analytical chemistry enhances our diverse drug testing services.

Saeed Khalaj

Laboratory Manager

Saeed Khalaj, PhD, brings over 20 years of lab expertise, serving as SAMHSA RP, CAP Supervisor, and FDT Inspector, as well as assistant professor, while aiming for dual Lab Director certifications.

Joseph Rodriguez
IT Director

Joseph Rodriguez, with 13 years' experience in medical IT, excels as PacTox's IT Director, enhancing security, optimizing systems, reducing costs, and driving innovative digital solutions.