For Clinics & Treatment Centers

A wide range of clinical testing services to meet your specific needs.

At PacTox, we understand the importance of efficient and reliable testing services for clinics and treatment centers, having served varied organizations throughout the community and across the nation for 40 years. We provide clinical testing, medication monitoring, and drug testing services to provide a comprehensive package for clinics and treatment centers, all at an affordable price.

Throughout the years, PacTox has been at the forefront of medication monitoring and drug testing technology. Our methods involve a tailored mix of tried-and-true procedures with innovative solutions to provide your lab with accurate results at the scale and turnaround-time you require.

Our testing methods are backed by rigorous quality assurance programs and committed toxicology experts. At PacTox, we believe in serving the person behind the test, and for us that means delivering results safely, accurately, and affordably.

Clinical Testing

Our clinical testing services provide routine health screening for medical practices throughout the United States. Tests include complete blood count (CBC) and chem panels including electrolytes, glucose, iron, liver enzymes, creatinine, and lipoproteins. PacTox adheres to the rules and regulations of the California State Department of Health and the College of American Pathologists.

  • Routine Health Screening Services
  • CBC, Chem Panels, and More
  • Adheres to CSDH and CAP Regulations

Medication Monitoring

Ensure optimal patient care with our Medication Monitoring services. Our advanced laboratory testing precisely measures prescribed drug levels, enabling healthcare providers to tailor treatment plans for maximum effectiveness. With accurate and timely results, medical professionals can monitor medication adherence, adjust dosages, and enhance therapeutic outcomes.

  • Monitor Adherence
  • Adjust Dosages
  • Therapeutic Outcomes

Drug Testing

PacTox provides tests for alcohol, drugs of abuse (including cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and more), and their metabolites. Trusted nationwide by industry and government entities, we prioritize the safety of work environments and employees.

  • Wide range of tests available
  • Trusted by industry and government entities nationwide
  • Prioritize safety of work environments and employees

Novel Psychoactive Substances

Designer Drugs require rigorous testing and enhanced categorization techniques.
Find out how PacTox is staying ahead of the curve.

Delivering Accurate Results

With Knowledge and Expertise

PacTox provides exceptional and reliable testing solutions tailored to your business.

Our cutting-edge and versatile clinical laboratory caters to a wide range of businesses, including rehabilitation facilities, clinics, recovery centers, nursing homes, and other industries with unique clinical testing needs. Pactox provides exceptional and reliable testing solutions tailored to your business.

  • SAMHSA Certified
  • Range of Testing Services
  • Custom Business Solutions
  • Over 35 Years of Experience