Novel Psychoactive Substances

Enhanced categorization and rigrorous testing with results you can understand.

Novel Psychoactive Substances, or NPSs, are drugs that mimic the effects of other illicit psychoactive substances but are created with the intention of being chemically unique so that they're harder to detect with traditional testing methods. NPSs are most popular among young adults and often associated with dancehalls or "raves". They are also incredibly dangerous as their side effects are largely unknown, and they pose a unique and growing risk in many communities throughout the world.

The known method for detecting Novel Psychoactive Substances requires a program of rigorous testing and enhanced categorization techniques. If an NPS has been detected, our easy-to-understand results give you the information you need on the specific substance and its relation to other illicit substances.

Rigorous Testing

Our rigorous testing relies on both tried-and-true methods as well as innovative solutions to fully identify a Novel Psychoactive Substance.

  • Advanced Testing
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Enhanced Categorization

Enhanced Categorization

Detecting NPSs requires a deep understanding of the chemistry behind illicit substances and their categorization within larger drug groups. Our experts analyze chemical structures to categorize NPSs and their relation to illicit substances.

  • Expert Analysis
  • Dedicated Scientists
  • Easy-to-Understand Results
Delivering Accurate Results

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