Title Information Access
Approved by OSHA for Blood Lead Analysis Listed at website OSHA Blood Lead Labs
Approved by State of California for Cholinesterase Analysis Listed at website Cholinesterase Approved Labs  
California Clinical Laboratory Association Membership CCLA Website Member since 2008
California State Department of Public Health CLF4442 PDF
Certified by the State of California for Blood Lead Analysis Lab No. 017 Proficient Blood Lead Labs
College of American Pathologist (CAP) Clinical Testing 2967301 PDF
College of American Pathologist (CAP) Drug Testing 2967301 PDF
Dept. of Health & Human Services (Interstate- CLIA) 05D0542735 PDF
Hawaii Department of Health PDF
Maryland Department of Health & Office of Health Care Quality #1038 PDF
Pennsylvania Department of Health #023801A PDF
Rhode Island Department of Health Clinical Lab License LCO00682 PDF
New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services Pb016 - Last license issued 12/31/2006
FTA - Forensic Lab Alcohol (Title 17 Laboratory) License #04023 - Last license issued 1/1/2005
Texas Department of Public Safety (Toxicology) Accredited since 9/6/2006
Oklahoma Department of Health 8483 PDF
DEA Registered PDF
SAMHSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration) Listed at website SAMHSA Certified Labs PDF
National Institutes of Health Registration 621511
National Provider Identifier 1003950585
National Independent Laboratory Association NILA 2015 PDF