Biological Monitoring

PacTox’s Biological Monitoring provides analytical services to determine the exposure of individuals to toxins in their environments, such as workplace and homes. The internal dose, measured via urine and blood specimens, reflects the external exposure. However, laboratory results must correlate with environmental data, such as the nature of the toxins in question, concentration of the toxins, routes of exposure, and the length of exposure. Biological monitoring is one of the most important tools to prevent adverse effects and diseases caused by exposure to environmental toxins. Continuous monitoring can help ensure the safety of employees and protect the employers.

Although PacTox’s biological monitoring has an emphasis on metals, such as cadmium, cobalt, copper, chromium, lead, and mercury, we also provide testing for chlorinated and aromatic industrial solvents, PCB’s, pesticides, resin hardening agents, and other hazardous chemicals. Both urine and blood specimens can be used for testing.

The laboratory has a scientific and technical expertise to provide method development and contract management, and is operated under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines as stipulated by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA).

Please select a test for more information.

Name Code Method
Antimony (Sb), Urine3011ICP-MSmore info
Aromatic Solvent Metabolites, Urine: o-cresol, hippuric4418HPLCmore info
Aromatic Solvents, Blood: benzene, ethylbenzene, styr4075GC-(headspace)more info
Arsenic (As) Speciated, Urine3023GFAASmore info
Arsenic (As) Total, Urine3020ICP-MSmore info
Arsenic (As), Blood3410ICP-MSmore info
Benzene Exposure (OSHA), Urine: phenol4342HPLCmore info
Benzene Exposure, Blood & Urine: benzene, phenol4424GC-(headspace)more info
Benzene, Blood4050GC-(headspace)more info
Beryllium (Be), Urine3030ICP-MSmore info
Bismuth (Bi), Urine3040ICP-MSmore info
B-T-X & Metabolites, Blood & Urine: benzene, toluene, x4423GC-(headspace)more info
B-T-X Metabolites, Urine: phenol, o-cresol, hippuric ac4422HPLCmore info
B-T-X, Blood: benzene, toluene, xylenes4420GC-(headspace)more info
Cadmium (Cd), Blood3460ICP-MSmore info
Cadmium (Cd), Serum*3075ICP-MSmore info
Cadmium (Cd), Urine3072ICP-MSmore info
Cadmium OSHA Panel (Urine Only): cadmium urine, beta 11034ICP-MS/IMXmore info
Cadmium, OSHA Exposure: cadmium blood, cadmium urine, 3830ICP-MS/IMXmore info
Chlordane Exposure, Serum: a-chlordane, b-chlordane, 5020GC-ECDmore info
Chlorinated Solvent Metabolites, Blood: trichloroacet4404GC-(headspace)more info
Chlorinated Solvent Metabolites, Urine: trichloroacet4403GC-(headspace)more info
Chlorinated Solvents, Blood: perchloroethylene, trichl4160GC-(headspace)more info
Chlorpyrifos (see Trichloropyridinol)5400GC-MSmore info
Chromium (Cr), Blood3470GFAASmore info
Chromium (Cr), Urine3080GFAASmore info
Cobalt (Co), Blood3480ICP-MSmore info
Cobalt (Co), Urine3090ICP-MSmore info
Copper (Cu), Urine3100ICP-MSmore info
DDT Exposure, Serum: DDT, DDD, DDE5000GC-ECDmore info
Dieldrin, Serum5060GC-ECDmore info
Dimethylacetamide (DMAC), Urine Metabolite4570GC-FIDmore info
Ethylbenzene & Styrene Metabolites, Urine: phenylglyo4436GC-(headspace)more info
Ethylbenzene Exposure, Blood & Urine: ethylbenzene, m4432GC-(headspace)more info
Ethylbenzene, Blood4055GC-(headspace)more info
Fipronil and Metabolites, Plasma5180GC-ECDmore info
Hexachlorobenzene, Serum5065GC-ECDmore info
Hippuric Acid (Toluene Metabolite), Urine4325HPLCmore info
ICP-MS Metals Panel - Urine: Antimony, Total Arsenic, B12032ICP-MSmore info
Lead & Zinc Protoporphyrins (ZPP) Blood3998GFAAS/ Protofluorometermore info
Lead (Pb), Blood3520GFAASmore info
Lead (Pb), Serum3525ICP-MSmore info
Lead (Pb), Urine3130ICP-MSmore info
Lindane (Gamma-BHC), Serum5050GC-ECDmore info
Malathion (Monocarboxylic acid; Dicarboxylic acid), Ur5160GC-FPDmore info
Mandelic Acid, Urine4330HPLCmore info
Manganese (Mn), Urine3150ICP-MSmore info
Mercury (Hg), Blood3550ICP-MSmore info
Mercury (Hg), Urine3160CVAASmore info
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), Urine4220HPLCmore info
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK), Urine4225HPLCmore info
Methyl N-Butyl Ketone (MBK), Urine4230HPLCmore info
Methylenedianiline, 4,4'-(MDA), Urine4550GC-MSmore info
Methylhippuric Acids, Total (MHA), Urine4335HPLCmore info
Molybdenum (Mo), Urine3170ICP-MSmore info
Nickel (Ni), Blood3570ICP-MSmore info
Nickel (Ni), Urine3180ICP-MSmore info
Organochlorine Pesticides, Serum: a-chlordane, g-chlor5070GC-ECDmore info
Organophosphate Pesticide Screen (Metabolites), Urine: 5150GC-FPDmore info
PCBs Total (Polychlorinated Biphenyls), Serum5200GC-ECDmore info
Perchloroethylene Exposure, Blood & Urine: perchloroet4406GC-(headspace)more info
Perchloroethylene Expsoure, Blood: perchloroethylene, 4408GC-(headspace)more info
Perchloroethylene, Blood4145GC-(headspace)more info
Phenol, Urine4341HPLCmore info
Phenylglyoxylic Acid, Urine4345HPLCmore info
Selenium (Se), Urine3220ICP-MSmore info
Silver (Ag), Blood3630ICP-MSmore info
Silver (Ag), Urine3240ICP-MSmore info
Solvent Survey: Comprehensive Screen, Blood: perchloro4400GC-(headspace) / HPLCmore info
Solvent Survey: Comprehensive Screen, Blood & Urine: p4402GC-(headspace) / HPLCmore info
Solvent Survey: Comprehensive Screen, Urine: trichloro4401GC-(headspace) / HPLCmore info
Styrene Exposure, Blood & Urine: styrene, mandelic acid4434GC-(headspace)more info
Styrene, Whole Blood4060GC-(headspace)more info
Thallium (Tl), Urine3270ICP-MSmore info
Tin (Sn), Urine3280ICP-MSmore info
Toluene Exposure, Blood & Urine: toluene, hippuric ac4426GC-(headspace)more info
Toluene Metabolites, Urine: o-cresol, hippuric acid4428HPLCmore info
Toluene, Blood4065GC-(headspace)more info
Trichloroethane, 1,1,1-, Exposure, Blood & Urine: trich4410GC-(headspace)more info
Trichloroethylene Exposure, Blood & Urine: trichloroet4414GC-(headspace)more info
Trichloroethylene Exposure, Blood: trichloroethylene, 4416GC-(headspace)more info
Trichloroethylene, Whole Blood4155GC-(headspace)more info
Trichloropyridinol, 3,5,6-(Urine Metabolite of Chlorpyr5400GC-MSmore info
Xylenes Exposure, Blood & Urine: xylenes, methylhippur4430GC-(headspace)more info
Xylenes, Whole Blood4070GC-(headspace)more info
Zinc (Zn), Urine3300ICP-MSmore info
Zinc Protoporphyrins, Whole Blood3999Protofluorometermore info
Lead (Blood) - ICPMS3521ICPMSmore info