Testing Services

Our wide range of tests allows us to fully meet the needs of our clients, from employee drug testing to dangerous chemical exposure testing, Pactox offers unparalleled expertise.

We offer cutting-edge resources for understanding the specific needs of patients based on their unique biochemistry.

Industries nationwide rely upon our FUDT laboratory to ensure the safety of their employees. In addition to our drug abuse program, we also provide abstinence monitoring, quality control validation for pharmaceutical manufacturers and testing for professional sports teams.

Our biological monitoring Laboratory works quickly to save lives by determining the exposure of individuals to dangerous contaminants in their environment.

The Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Laboratory detects and quantifies the concentration of prescribed drugs in serum, plasma, whole blood, and urine. Trained specialists use multiple detection systems such as GC/MS, HPLC, and GC.

Our Medical Surveilance Laboratory is reponsible for the routine health screening for corporations and occupational clinics nationwide.

Our specialized Forensic Toxicology Laboratory provides comprehensive services to the legal community. We are licensed as a Forensic Alcohol Laboratory by the California Department of Health Services.